The Estancia News has learned of a complaint filed against the Torrance County Clerk by the State Chair for the Libertarian Party, Chris Luchini, based on a report received from the Torrance County Libertarian Party Chair Pro-Tem, Robert Wagner. The complaint alleges that the Torrance County Clerk, Yvonne Otero, violated New Mexico Law by failing to make publicly available details about the Torrance County Election Board.

In the complaint, Luchini asks the Secretary of State to examine the matter and take steps to ensure election integrity by submitting her findings to the Torrance County Commission at the next available meeting. The Libertarian Party Chair further stated in the complaint:

“A public statement from the Torrance County Clerk that election board lists will be made available to the public for the required time in future elections would go a long way to restoring public confidence that the Clerk’s Office will act in accordance with the law.”

The Estancia News shares the Libertarian Party Chair’s concern for Election Board transparency and recently obtained via a public records request various records relating to the Election Board. The formal request for public records followed multiple failed attempts to obtain the same from the County Clerk’s office directly.

We are reviewing the records we received in response to our public records request and will seek comment from those involved in the matter. We will provide updates to this developing story here as more information is obtained.

The following is a copy of the complaint:

Complaint Against Clerk Yvonne Otero