Hello, and welcome to my gardening column. I’m an avid gardening transplant from Wisconsin, so here you’ll find tips I’ve learned along the way. Here you will also be able to follow my aquaponics build-out and grow. More to come in this spot, so keep an eye out! Today I want to share a great program I recently learned about, one that many people participate in here in the valley, called “Grow a Row For Bethel.”

I spoke with Linda at Bethel Storehouse and learned lots about it. First, for those who don’t know, “Grow a Row for Bethel” is where fellow (and aspiring) gardeners grow an extra row of, according to Linda, “whatever it is you like to eat and grow.” The extra row you grow is then shared with members of the community who lack food security. We joked about the abundance of zucchini every year, but it sure is a favorite!

Linda has been organic gardening for years. Like so many other gardeners, she has been able to supplement her food supply during rough years. And when asked for some advice for a new New Mexican high-desert gardener, she reminded me of one of the most important steps of the gardening process…remember to mulch!

My Takeaways

  • The food bank is blessed with fresh, homegrown and local produce, grown by farmers and gardeners who participate.
  • Bethel encourages the community to grow and share what they love to eat.
  • This is a relatively easy way to help those in need get real nutrition, if gardening is in your blood.
Grow a Row For Bethel.
Gardeners can grow an extra row of food for Bethel
Rob Wagner