Torrance County Commission Meeting, Oct 12

October 19, 2022


Michael Godey


Torrance County Commission Meeting, Oct 12

The commission by a 3 to 0 vote agreed to censor the county clerk. Grounds for the action included treatment of employees. Examples given were using a taser on an employee that fell asleep due to medicine, cocaine use, inappropriate jokes at the work place and letting a family member use equipment for personal use. She also certified election results without being present in a considerable part of the process and denied the deputy clerk who was present to certify. These issues were brought for discussion at a special meeting the week before.

In updates commission McCall stated he was interested in inquiring with the DA on a possible recall on her elected position.

On the other hand the recent hand tally got praised and the county manager will give the results at a special meeting this coming Thursday. She wanted to check with those more experienced in the process she can trust. Workers in the whole process were complimented. Still, questions were raised about the security of the election machine process that might be venerable to on line hacking and tampering.

The road department will receive about 1.7M to pave Ewing Rd. This Rd connects 41 to around Apple Mountain Ranch (Ten Pines Rd). The department will also receive about 700K for paving Martinez road (south of Edgewood.) These both have a 5% match. Thanks were given by Ryan Schwebach to the road crew for their efforts keeping up on roads.

An agreement invoice with EVEDA, Estancia Valley Economic Development Authority that the county received late was approved.

Michael Godey

Written by Michael Godey

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